Inclusion Programs

At St Francis School we believe each child has unique gifts and talents.

We offer a comprehensive curriculum for all students. Classrooms cater for the variety of learning needs and styles in an inclusive model of education. Students experience inclusive education when they can access and participate in learning alongside their similar-aged peers, supported by reasonable adjustments and strategies, tailored to meet their individual needs.

As a Catholic school, we value:

  • openness to God’s Spirit at work in our midst and living in our Catholic faith
  • respect for the dignity of each person
  • recognising and celebrating the diversity of students
  • commitment to processes of learning that are formative, challenging, engaging, life-long and life-wide
  • actively supporting the enrolment, access, participation and flourishing of students with additional needs
  • actively working with and supporting families and outside service providers

St Francis is committed to the inclusion of all students, acknowledging that students with disabilities may have special educational needs in the school setting.

Programs to support students with additional needs are given high priority. Speech Pathology and specialist liaison services, along with The Reading Doctor, The Listening Program, Move to Learn program, catered Literacy & Numeracy programs and individual class and student support make up a suite of programs offered by the school to support all students to achieve success