Religious Education

The Religious Education curriculum grounds the religious dimension of St Francis School.

Animated in powerful ways in liturgy and ritual, it supports the integration of faith, life and culture. Our practice informs and nurtures students in their human, spiritual and faith development. It offers a framework for meaning for beliefs, teachings, traditions and practices that underpin the life and ethos of our Catholic school community.

Integrated across curriculum areas, Religious Education invites students into developmental experiences of Tradition, Scripture and prayer that are formative and transformative. Every aspect of life within the school provides the opportunity for students to experience the presence of God in their lives to help them flourish as persons created in the image and likeness of God.

In partnership with parents, we believe in building an active faith community that shares a common belief, reflects on the teachings of Jesus, develops deeper connections with God and others, celebrates liturgical seasons and sacraments and works compassionately to help others.