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Important Dates

Confirmation and First Eucharist

Sunday 27 June

Year 2/3 Swimming Week

Monday 28 June

Term 3 Reception Transition

Monday 28 June

SACPSSA Netball Carnival

Thursday 1 July

P&F Cookies and Milk Special Lunch Day

Thursday 1 July

Pupil Free Day

Friday 2 July

Pupil Free Day

Monday 19 July

Term 3 Begins

Tuesday 20 July

School Photo Day

Wednesday 21 July

“The Services and events contained in this bulletin are in no way connected with the school and are included in this newsletter for your information only. Parents and caregivers need to make their own enquiries and assessments about the suitability of these events and services for their need and those of their children”

P&F Milk & Cookie Day