School Song

Growing Together

By Andrew Chinn with the school community of St Francis Lockleys 2017


We are growing together, we are sharing our story
In the light of God’s love, we live in God’s glory
Brother Sun and Sister Moon and all of creation
We are called to be the light to be hope for all nations!

May we grow in Faith and live with hearts of joy
With faith in ourselves, in each other and in God
May we learn the Good News and pray with each other
On this journey of faith we are sisters and brothers

May we grow in Peace, and live with hearts of love
From hearts that are broken to hearts that beat as one
May we live the Good News, God’s living Word
Peace in our own hearts then from us to the world

May we grow in Wisdom and seek to understand
Your ways that are true and our part in Your plan
May we be the Good News and let our light shine
And be people of joy with hope in our eyes